Crypto Escrow Payment Platform

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EverEscrow is a decentralised crypto escrow payment platform that is built on the Binance Smart Chain and will act as the middle person of escrow services for crypto business transactions. Use EverEscrow for secure and safe online trades based on cryptocurrency payments.






Crypto Escrow Service Platform

EverEscrow is a cryptocurrency project about crypto escrow services built on the Binance Smart Chain. Before making a transaction, tokens are transferred to a third-party smart contract called the escrow. The escrow holds the deposited tokens until the payment conditions are satisfied.
EverEscrow is currently building a demo of the crypto escrow platform, which is now in the testing phase. Applying Blockchain technology and building on the Web3.0 Platform makes Dapp user-friendly. Users only need to connect their decentralised wallet to be able to get access to all the features available on the EverEscrow platform.

Making deals on blockchainSafely.

Through Blockchain interfaces guaranteeing transparency, we leverage financial security in managing DeFi funds, by providing Smart Contracts with to-be-respected agreements for the process on multiple levels of governance.

A crypto escrow service is an arrangement in which a trusted third party manages the exchange of crypto assets between the transacting parties, ensuring safety and ethical business practices.


One milestone at a time, on your terms.

Whether you are buying or selling, using EverEscrow allows you to split your transaction and payment into multiple phases to ensure you get exactly what you pay for every step.

Web Application in the development. Mobile Application to be developed in 2023 Q1.

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Mobile applications are in development, with the phone, you can use our app easier.

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Utility of EverEsrow Coin

EverEscrow Coin is the native token of the EverEscrow Ecosystem We are creating a brand new Ecosystem of utilities.

Additionally, platform users may be required to hold a certain amount of EverEscrow Coin to be able to use our platform.

There will be a 5% tax for every transaction, as below:-

✅Marketing & Operations – 4%

✅BUSD – 1%

Those who own EverEscrow Coin can use it on the soon-to-be-released escrow service platform and other products that will be introduced later in the project.

The revenue generated utilities will be used to buyback EEC to increase the price floor. At the same time, holding the cryptocurrency EverEscrow Coin will make you passive Income as we have a 1% BUSD tax sent to the holders and investors in $BUSD stablecoin.


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